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Reporting Comment #2426935 on Welcome to November! by Vio (#8758)

Sorry to pop in again the Merch concept is really cooking my veggies like three people would buy them/back the KS and how much time is spent designing merch and reaching out for production details rather than fixing the site?
Most people who come back to this site take one look, see everything is the same as launch, and then leave. I think most people who play consistently only stick around for pai/oran/customs (FOMO) or in the hope that things improve. To cultivate your fanbase you need to have a website that people want to keep coming back to, not one that people leave in droves. Most people who play this website have not made it past Three's Forest my guy...

Like genuinely how much time for Wishing Well content was spent designing/conceptualizing this merch? If you need money why not sell spirits of kindness again? Or even better, make a new design that is permanently available in Agnes as a support pet! I just don't get it. Please focus on actual content drops/updates. Please.

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