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Reporting Comment #2119390 on The Tides of Conflict Awaken! by Calix (#5919)

BlackRose (#9895)
Not trying to be rude at all but tbf, it is possible it's fully random but you just got bad luck. A coin flip is 50/50 but sometimes you get heads 10 times in a row- randomness doesn't necessarily mean an even distribution.

I don't disagree that it *seems* weighted toward placing you on the lower point teams(I also rolled for Barclay when he happened to be in 1st place unsuccessfully) but I don't think we can know for sure at this point.


Really enjoying the event, it's very nice and low-stress. All the little art touches like the tinted 3's Forest, profile/post additions, etc are beautiful. It's great that the teams all receive the same item rewards, I was worried at first that there would be exclusive team-based apparel or trophies awarded.

Grateful for the changes like showing total duels next to wins, the additional swaps, and reward tiers changing from wins to total played. It's very nice to see these big QoL changes rolled out so quickly into the event.
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