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Reporting Comment #2117089 on The Tides of Conflict Awaken! by BlackRose (#9895)

Yup, already hating this event, probably not gonna do much now sadly. It sounded super fun and I was so, so excited, but I figured the team would be a choice and to make sure there weren't too many on each team there would just be certain multiplier boosts applied to teams with fewer people (with randomness can't there still be teams with fewer players? so a multiplier would really just be the best anyway, so we should have just gotten the option to choose). There's literally already one for the 3rd place team for the next day so I don't know why a different one couldn't have been added so we could have been given the option to choose.
I don't like Glume at all, I don't mind Mycel too much but Barclay is my favorite and has been since beta so I wanted to be with them. I got Glume first, switched and got Mycel, then switched and got back to Glume. :/

Seems cool and all but I'm probably going to be sitting out for the most part, or maybe just doing the bare minimum to get my own personal rewards from the tiers (though with the duels basically being random luck that makes me even less likely to want to try for the tiers because random is annoying, I hate this style of tier unlock please go back to points gain). I just don't care enough about /maybe/ getting the chance to change the onsite story if I can't also have fun and support my favorite of the three witches.

I know this is salty, but pretty much every event on the site so far has had problems and this one sounded just so good and I thought there was going to be a chance for me to actually really like an event, but thanks DV for ruining yet another one. :(
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