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Reporting Comment #2116591 on The Tides of Conflict Awaken! by Vio (#8758)

The random team mechanic sucks, why not set each team to have a cap and then go from there? ex. 500 for each team and expanding them as needed?

Re: maker thing
I love that the winners get to choose their makers but... would that option also extend to makers that are currently in owner inventories too? The machines are super luck based and some people prefer a certain maker over another and when those unwanted makers are spun it means that there's also no one rich enough to sell them to and no one to trade with either (because often enough pet makers > clothing makers)

Anyway my ideal solution (lmao) to this is giving all owners the option to make their custom a permanent site item and have a maker of their choice refunded, one time only. I think this has been talked about somewhere, though....
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