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Reporting Comment #2115938 on The Tides of Conflict Awaken! by Jinoga (#31533)

I'm kind of disgruntled by the fact that it's RNG, especially since it kind of goes against the 3's Forest story, where we sided with one of the three witches. We had a choice, but here, we don't, and can land a witch we actually opposed in the story. I get that it's for balancing, but I almost feel like another solution could've been reached that would prevent the battle from feeling unfair/biased towards a certain witch (perhaps some sort of boost that happens to the one(s) that aren't the top pick?) Someone in the Discord brought up that Artfight had a good solution to this.

It feels kind of demotivating to roll a witch you dislike because... why would I fight for them? And tbh the winning prize in comparison to the prize the other teams will get isn't even that grand - it's 10k potatoes - so I'd happily take the L if my witch was the least picked if it meant I could at least fight for them... >->
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