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Reporting Comment #2099125 on Welcome to November! by Chi (#8359)

ooh. thanks for taking into account user suggestions re: community managing. nice to see that you're looking to recruit community managers as a start.

as well, it's noticeable that you're making an effort to be more communicative in this news post, and i appreciate seeing that.

i think it'd be beneficial to see small communication updates spread throughout the month, time permitting, as a lot of users find the silence worrisome. time flies when you're busy dealing with backend stuff so it probably doesn't feel like that large of a gap between site-wide news & updates, but for users, the passage of time is slow and even slower in the space between events and content dumps.

i've been busy and mostly away from dv, but i am looking forward to the giveaway, especially with the promise of new items. that sounds pretty neat
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