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Reporting Comment #1646422 on Welcome to November! by BlackRose (#9895)

I don't really mind the blue accents here (I think they totally fit the theme, a rocky/desert stream kinda is what I'm getting from it, which no other color could convey, like come on) (and could someone actually point out a set that JUST has accents, instead of literally just being a full shade spectrum of blue and/or purple) but I'm one of those not happy about the chest price increase. There are literally no more items than some other past chests, why has it been increased? And with no sort of warning or mention of it either. I'm not even someone who usually buys the chest, but I'm still unhappy. It honestly just makes me less likely to buy Turnips to buy a chest if there ever were to be any I really wanted.

I'm also not too happy about having another event starting while another one is still going on. I already did Magdalene's stuff last year so it doesn't really matter to me. But DV, are you forgetting you actually get new players sometimes??? Now they have to worry about continuing to get enough currency for the current shop, as well as doing it for Magdalene's too.

Other than that, I am happy about most of the other things. I'm really excited about Nico's update! And I do actually really like this set, I've been so tired of the mainly one-color tone sets, and just ones that don't have many natural colors, so this is awesome!
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