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Reporting Comment #1170072 on December 22nd Update! by tremolite (#4101)

"Advertisements will occasionally appear in the middle of videos which will give you extra earnings once watched."
...The video plays for about three seconds before playing a 30-second ad, and repeats this during the entire two-minute video. I'm not sure? If that's what it is intended to do...I'm 48 seconds into my first video, and I've already gotten like... 15 ads, which isn't really occasional. I don't mind the ads, as I would like to support Dappervolk in some way as I cannot monetarily through buying turnips, but I just think a little more clarification might be nice.

Also, I'm worried about the stat thing as well. As an elf, I can lose tenacity through completing daily quests? Am I reading that right? Because that's... not great. Even if its like what tree said, negative results aren't... great. You need stats to progress throughout the story, and I'm about to be stuck behind a tenacity gate, so if I can lose tenacity by trying to grind it... that's a bit questionable. :/
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