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Reporting Comment #1170023 on December 22nd Update! by Gaia (#528)

Sev (#3394) It took 3 or 4 ads before it got to the video, but after that it worked just fine. Got 203 potatoes earned so far. What I did, was split my screen; half with the ad theatre, and half with another page so that I can do other stuff at the same time. Perhaps you can give that a try, to see how long it takes before your video starts playing without having to just sit there..?

I'm happy to see the ad theatre there. It's a shame you can't earn turnips directly from watching adds, but rather that it is streak based. It is so easy to lose a streak and not getting any turnips as a result is a huge shame. That being said, I'm gonna give this theatre a go.

Regarding the stat affinity. Do I understand correctly that if I give my comprehensive pet a comprehensive food item and the comprehension stat increases, it automatically decreases the honour stat? Cause that is an absolutely horrible way of going about it! Horrible! I really hope I'm misunderstanding the explanation...
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