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Changelog Update
Some NPC Affection & miscellaneous fixes have been made!
4 Aug 2020, 4:29 am
Short Maintenance Upcoming
A short notice tiny maintenance period will start at 4:20AM DVT and end after 5-10 minutes!
4 Aug 2020, 4:08 am
A bug related to NPC affection was discovered by some players who had reached 1000 affection recently.
Click here to view more info & the max affection values!
2 Aug 2020, 8:59 pm
The lucky one slinks away, as the vibrant heat of summer approaches...
What will be in power this month?
1 Aug 2020, 12:31 am
August Changeover Maintenance
Hello everyone! We'll be having a maintenance period at rollover later tonight in order to push the monthly shop changes as well as update the site for August! We'll see you there! bearnard_pray.gif
Maintenance Time:
11:45 PM July 31st to 12:30 AM August 1st DVT
Maintenance Duration:
Approximately 45 minutes 
31 Jul 2020, 4:30 am
Birthday Letter Fix!
Hello everyone! There was a glitch where birthday letters were not being sent from high affection NPC's, this bug has been fixed and all users who should have gotten letters have received belated birthday letters in their inbox. Apologies for the initial delay! We hope you had a great birthday.
22 Jul 2020, 10:40 am
Hello everyone! Looks like Cloudflare is having some outages which is affecting Dappervolk among various other sites/services, we're keeping an eye on the situation and will update when everything looks to be in working order again!
17 Jul 2020, 2:42 pm
Hello! Our amazing pixel artist Misha has been hard at work updating all of our achievement pixels! If you give it a bit of a refresh, you should see some updates to your achievements on your profile and in the forums! bearnard_wink.gif
15 Jul 2020, 4:04 am
Good Monday everyone! We hope you've had a lovely weekend. There will be a very quick maintenance period at 2:30AM DV TIME! Thank you for your patience.
13 Jul 2020, 2:23 am
Hello and good morning, we're bringing you a fresh tiny maintenance period in order to push some updates!
Happening at 5:15AM DV TIME, thank you for your patience!
Update: All good now!
10 Jul 2020, 5:09 am
Good evening! Just a quick update to let everyone know we'll be going into maintenance for a few minutes at 11:45PM DV TIME to push some back end adjustments. Thank you for your patience! Update: All done!
9 Jul 2020, 11:42 pm
Just a quick notice to everyone, we'll need to have a few minutes of site downtime starting at 12:35am DV time to remove the last of the event content and a few other site fixes. Thank you for your patience!
heartred.gif heartyellow.gif heartgreen.gif heartblue.gif

Update: All done!
8 Jul 2020, 12:29 am
As you look up, you notice that the particularly frequent rainbows this year are beginning to fade. Their light appearing to turn, revealing a different facet of the crystal of life. Turara returns to their slumber...
8 Jul 2020, 12:07 am
255-E6ghp3TXu7-obsidian-night-pen-expansion.png 256-n4NbDkfFmA-jeweled-sky-pen-expansion.png
Hello again, another important balance update! It was not intended for pet affection milestone rewards like the Obsidian Night and Jeweled Sky pens to roadblock gameplay progression to such an extent. To help alleviate this, we've added an additional Pet Milestone at 300 affection for a chance to obtain either pen!
Please expect a very short downtime at 1:30am DV time to implement this change
7 Jul 2020, 1:27 am
Hello! To improve balancing in Aviar Cove, we have made it so that Carneau's Daily Errands now unlocks at a similar point in the storyline to its counterpart with Celestine. All players that have already passed this point have had the Errand unlocked for them manually! 
7 Jul 2020, 12:11 am
Hello! It seems that the pet milestone bug is at it again, this time the rewards meant to be distributed as a random pool were all rewarded to the player. Please hang on to your Jeweled Sky and Obsidian Night pen expansions if possible so that we can fix this bug and award you a random one! Thank you for your patience as we work through these bugs. 
Update: Issue has been fixed! Carry on world-hoppers.
6 Jul 2020, 1:45 am
Hello! We're currently processing Premium Badge refunds and realized that some users were interested in refunds for badges purchased with Potatoes on the Trades Market. Just to let everyone know, if you bought your premium badge with Potatoes, you can still request a refund and we will return the badge item to you so that you can sell it for Potatoes if you do not wish to keep it. Thank you for your patience! bearnard_pray.gif
Also a note that we're working on a news update regarding Monthly Shops!
5 Jul 2020, 1:34 pm
Please note that staff are actively reading and considering all user suggestions & feedback!
Considerations for new site features or updates to existing ones always need to be discussed across our development team, especially with our developers, for feasibility and implementation. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve the site!
3 Jul 2020, 4:53 pm
Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Charity Sale is ending on July 4th at 11:59 pm DV time, after which we will be sending out all remaining codes! If you made a purchase on 6/26 or after, your code will be sent with this next batch of emails.
3 Jul 2020, 2:10 am
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