Second Pass at Testing the Quest System

After a productive week and a half of testing, we're quite impressed with how thorough you have all been with your bug reports and suggestions thus far! We've been hard at work behind the scenes making fixes to address bugs, especially those with the quest system. After implementing some major fixes for the witch quests on the 22nd, we noticed that players were mostly encountering bugs that were remnants of quest errors that had recently been fixed (such as quests failing to unlock/lock at their proper progress points, which could not be retroactively corrected unless done manually). Everyone that reported a quest bug related to something like this had their bug manually fixed by us - so hopefully no one is still experiencing trouble with this. But that leaves us at a point where we are mostly dealing with quest bugs that should no longer be a problem for future players, instead of fixing new or persisting quest issues...

So, in order to fit in a second round of testing for our quest system during alpha, we've decided to introduce a voluntary account wipe option! This will allow players to help us retest our quest system, while also giving everyone a chance to try out a new class and replay the main quest line for a different experience of the story. In short, this wipe will remove your avatar, quests, pets, currency, and items - leaving your account info, posts/topics, and message inbox intact. You will essentially be playing the game like you just joined alpha for the first time again.
[ Important ] Please cancel all of your trade lots before wiping!

Click the link above to review the full details of what this wipe includes, and follow the directions on the page if you'd like to participate in our second pass at testing the quest system!

We strongly recommend participating if you've finished the main quest line - but if you aren't at that point yet, don't worry! Please take your time and play the game at your own pace. This is mostly for players who have finished and would like to give us a hand with making sure that our current quests are error-free and have good pacing for our future beta players.

Note: We had to reconfigure how the Help Irin Daily and A Daily Helping Hand repeatable quests were being unlocked, so you may lose access to them if you do not select to participate in the voluntary account wipe.


  • Citizen Tom_suke (#15) 29 Mar 2017, 8:01 am
    i have a question! will our friends be wiped or does that count as account info? idk >.< also thank you for working so hard to make this a better place !!! <3
  • Citizen Foster (#30) 29 Mar 2017, 12:45 am
    ah nice I was hoping there'd be an option like this! have to do this soon and see how the quests are now that bugs have been fixed :->