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Autumn Premium Shop Test & Other News!

Happy Autumn, Dappervolk!
As our last order of business during beta, we are releasing our
Monthly Turnip Chance Machine for testing and feedback!


Alongside the new shop, a new mini-town called Peddler's Port has appeared. This location is where our new NPC shop will reside and will become home to various other merchants in the future - including NPCs that will be selling monthly potato items, class-specific items, and more!

Visit the World Map and select the Peddler's Port icon to visit this new location.
Additionally, it will not cost you any town hops to visit this area.
You may also return to 
the town that you originally hopped from for free!


Because this update involves adding a new town to the site, we
will need to go offline for maintenance for a short period of time
to implement the new content.


  • In the spirit of autumn, all of the test items that we're using are an autumn-y witch/warlock theme!
  • These items will be repurposed into seasonally obtainable items during official launch, so everyone will have a chance to obtain them again in the future.
  • Bonus Prizes: For every 10 spins in this shop, the shopkeeper will reward you with a free bonus item of your choice from that month's shop stock! This should help reward collectors and give players a bit of control over the unpredictable nature of the turnip chance machine.
  • When the site officially launches, the turnip chance machine's stock will renew each month, with the previous months' items permanently retiring. This type of retiring system will only apply to items that are "limited" rarity.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the balance of this new feature!


  • Dappervolk's cash-based currency is the Turnip, which is displayed next to your potato count on the top bar - not to be confused with the item called Plump Turnip.
  • Turnip currency is not transferable between users, however items obtained using Turnips can be traded and sold freely.
  • There will be 2 main ways to obtain Turnip currency on Dappervolk: Purchasing it through the site for real-world currency, and participating in in-game activities that will give out small amounts of it over time.
  • You will be able to purchase Turnips starting in Official Launch, where we estimate that 100 Turnips will cost roughly $1 CAD.
  • We also intend to launch with free ways to earn Turnips, such as through daily login bonuses, opt-in ad viewing, and NPC affection milestones!




All users who registered and verified their account during beta will receive a Prismatic Bell item during official launch, which will hatch into a Prismatic Pup! Like the Celestial Pup that alpha testers were rewarded, this pet is a beta-exclusive quaint that will be retired permanently.


All verified beta accounts will also receive an exclusive beta tester achievement to display on their forum posts! The achievement icon isn't ready for release yet, but it will be unveiled in a future announcement.

As a note: verified means that your account's email must be verified in order to qualify.

After the beta testing period ends on October 25th, 2018, Dappervolk will be going into a period of Closed Development to focus on reviewing tester feedback, updating/revamping existing features, and continuing development on new features to prepare for official launch.

In the last few days of beta, we'll be posting an important news post with more information on what our upcoming development plans are, as well as some rough estimates for official launch.

Stay tuned!


  • Villager Norbiester (#69) 14 Oct 2018, 11:57 pm
    Like many here, I'm not at all happy about the idea of random chance premium items only being available for a month before being permanently retired. A mechanic like this is very similar to the predatory nature of lootboxes and will only serve to cause your player base to lose trust in you and your game.

    I understand that the site still needs to bring in money, but why not compromise and cycle in premium items a few times a year instead? It creates less of a strain on art resources and can still bring in revenue. Flight Rising is a great example of how cycling in rarer items once a year can still be profitable.

    Forced rarity/value will do nothing to help on-site economy and will only frustrate your users to the point of leaving. You only need to look at Furvilla to see the consequences of such mechanics. That site and it's staff have been ruthlessly criticized for it's premium minipet boxes with ridiculously low rng odds and it's probably one of the main reasons so many people gave up on the site.

    As a kickstarter backer, I do hope you reconsider this choice otherwise I can't say that I will remain on this site much longer. I really want Dappervolk to do well but I feel like the short lived premium items will only result in the site's untimely demise.
  • Villager Lullaby (#380) 14 Oct 2018, 11:45 pm
    Maybe the premium chance machine items could be more of seasonal things for ex. staying in the shop for the whole spring/summer/autumn/winter? Or like someone else mentioned they would come back after some time (for ex. 12 months). They could even come back as "regular", non-chance machine items to buy, just more expensive?

    Overall, I don't mind the "premium chance machine" mechanics, but I do understand how people can feel discouraged by it. ^^;
  • Villager Doomy (#96) 14 Oct 2018, 11:27 pm
    Yeah I gotta agree with Undertaker, I completely stopped playing Furvilla over their constantly retiring of monthly and limited items and pets. And just generally how they continued to handle things on the site in that mindset of items must be retired immediately!! It completely takes the fun out of the game, and especially in the case of this being a chance machine style game that makes it even worse.

    Why not just have sets of items that cycle in an out, and occasionally release new sets. That would be less strain on constantly producing art assets every single month for new items. And maybe after a set has cycled in a few times to get a significant amount into the economy it could be considered to be retired as a set takes it place or some such.

    I truly hope you all reconsider as I don't think I'd be sticking around for very long if that ends up being the case as well.
  • Villager Undertaker (#493) 14 Oct 2018, 11:18 pm
    BIG YIKES over stuff obtained by pure chance being retired permanently. I have never pictured the site or staff members as being greedy for money and I understand that the site must make money somehow, but permanently retiring items (again that can only be obtained by pure chance) is a horrible way to go and you should really look at FurVilla and their monthly pet boxes as an example of just how badly it blew up in their faces.

    You end up having the 'rich elites' who are willing and able to drop potentially hundreds of dollars a month to get the item(s) they want and copies to turn around later and while money is good (!!) you end up alienating the rest of your userbase (the people who are willing but unable because of financial circumstances, being young, not having a credit or debit card, etc). I am all for rewarding users that dedicate more time to the site. I'm not saying money is bad! Money is very good and helps keep the site running! Buy turnips, yay! And maybe these items are purely aesthetic and have really low, or no, stat boosts (which I hope it is like that because then that's extra shit tier if you get super high stat items in the gacha, it shows signs of becoming pay to win/pay for better things; this is not something you want to do after marketing DV as a casual game for casual players in a low stress setting).
  • Villager Kaljaia (#2409) 14 Oct 2018, 10:45 pm
    Not a fan of monthly retiring premium items (a la Aywas) as it creates a large base of 'inaccessible' items out-of-reach for folks who join a few years down the line. FR changed their monthly retiring festival items to having them be of limited availability at a later event (And added recolors) after four years of player hue and cry.

    For a player joining a few years from now, or for a casual player, the "yeah it's pretty but you can't have it" attitude of retired premium items can be alienating. Having a few things retire periodically is a great moneymaker and player loyalty incentive; having a lot of things retire very frequently means either you scramble for them or you don't play.
  • Villager Jaleenelox (#8578) 14 Oct 2018, 10:41 pm
    I really don't like the idea of premium items permanently retiring after a month, and the fact that they're a gamble to start with is even worse. I am not inclined to spend any real money on the site if this is how you're gonna handle things, I don't like being treated like a cash cow.
  • Villager Alucard (#1325) 14 Oct 2018, 10:25 pm
    I have to agree with everyone else on the disappointment/weariness of permanently retiring the items monthly. It would be one thing if there wasn't a gamble involved, but even then it seems like a terrible idea in the grand scheme of things. I really enjoy this site and don't want to see a poor decision like this give it a premature death.
  • Villager Jack (#2957) 14 Oct 2018, 9:36 pm
    I'm still super against the paid shop being gambling at all :x

    The only good thing I can see about it is introducing a bunch of extra items into the economy that otherwise wouldn't have been purchased by people buying the premium currency outright, which would probably make them more affordable for free players(I mean, if it weren't for the permanent retirement thing)

    have you considered just cycling them out for a while instead...? permanently retiring a whole set of items on the monthly is such a waste. Especially if you intend for there to be recolors/alchemized recolors of them too, which please god do not actually. That's gonna be like 18 items a month if you're gonna average it to 6 per monthly set, that's the essentially a rate of 1 retiring every 40 hours.

    Plus this is exactly the shit tinierme did & they don't exist anymore.
  • Villager Sampaguita (#685) 14 Oct 2018, 8:54 pm
    oh i just read the part about the permanently retire premium items.. it’s gonna suck for people who really adore them and won’t be able to get them. eg: animal crossing pocket camp. they have fortune cookies based on the animals. the themed fortune cookies only remain for about 55 days and then (currently) gone forever and a new cookie comes by. oh and yeah, the fortune cookies are bought with premium currency, however you may have the rare chance to buy one with regular currency. the premium item in the fortune cookies are extremely rare and hard to get. i know many players stopped playing out of frustration of getting the same two star item five times. i actually stopped playing for a while because i could get this cute gondola that i really wanted. it’s a bit different here as you have a chance of trading with others. but take animal crossing pocket camp’s gatcha as something not to copy
  • Villager Ephemeral (#11) 14 Oct 2018, 8:06 pm
    I agree with Chuuni, I don't like the idea of more permanently retiring items, especially because these are going to be from the premium shop.
    I'd love to see returning limiteds, perhaps when they've had at least more than a year/12 months of "retired" time before they can be re-released? (not including alpha/beta/ks)
  • Villager Chuuni (#19015) 14 Oct 2018, 7:58 pm
    MMM. I have some Feelings(tm) on this whole permanent retirement thing.
    I'm not a fan of the permanent retirement, at all. especially for something that is 1: a gamble to begin with. it's a chance machine. and even if you can pick the item you want out of the pool that you didn't get for every 10 spins and 2: premium currency of which the main method of getting would be with purchasing. that just makes me feel like the site's veering a little too far into... ehhh casino gambling territory. the only time I know of a gatcha game permanently retiring items instead of just... rotating them out to bring them back at a much later date was in a japanese mobile game and they misprinted a limited gatcha banner so they couldn't bring them back due to gambling laws. and after playing a bunch of gatcha games myself I can tell you rotating out limited items permanently just makes people disappointed, and returning limited items actually get people to spend money because there's new people who haven't gotten them who are willing to pay for things, and those who just missed it last time it was there and now has saved and/or bought enough over time to be able to ensure they get the thing they're after. and they're almost always after new things because there's new things always being added. returning limiteds usually equals win/win.

    like retire them from the shop for a new rotation, sure, I'm all for that. but they really should come back at some point. perhaps offered again in that same month's rotation in the next years but at a lower rate than the newer items/only as the chosen "bonus". A gatcha of "throwback items" every once in a while or around the holidays. Something so people can save up for them and look forward to getting items they've missed out on for honestly whatever reason, I really don't see why whats basically a cash shop gatcha's items have to be as exclusive as ks/alpha/beta exclusives later down the line, they're already kind of a gamble as a gatcha to begin with, missing out on them and hoping someone has extras in the MP shouldn't have to be.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but just my two cents, I guess.
  • Villager Sorrel (#347) 14 Oct 2018, 7:54 pm
    permanently retired after a month .... that's not a good way to deal with premium items on a pet-site, just looking at how flight rising's permanently non-premium items inflated. it's just going to be worse if it's premium.
  • Villager Soulshatter (#19131) 14 Oct 2018, 7:53 pm
  • Villager Sampaguita (#685) 14 Oct 2018, 7:49 pm
  • Villager Theafy (#10211) 14 Oct 2018, 7:42 pm
    Finally the prem shop <3
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