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Aviar Cove Debut & Beta Conclusion Date!

Welcome the starry seaside city, Aviar Cove!
The site will need to go offline for maintenance to implement the new town update at the time listed below.


Once maintenance ends, you'll be able begin your journey to Aviar Cove if you've completed the main quest up to the end of Silvie's Mine. Simply start the "Trip to the Seaside" quest with Cairn!

  • A whole new town to explore, with 6 new NPCs to acquaint yourself with!
  • A series of main story quests that will introduce you to the unique townsfolk of this prosperous seaside destination.
  • Side quests and daily quests with each NPC as you unlock them.
  • Each NPC has an unlockable shop with 2 sets of clothing items, a pet hatching item, etc.
  • Each NPC also has their own set of unlockable affection milestones with rewards (with the exception of affection quest milestone rewards, as we do not anticipate having time to test these during beta).
  • A new minigame called Starry Night is now available to play in the Playground!

812-looking-glass.png810-feather-quill.png 811-bundle-of-bulbs.png

  • The NPC Diary now contains currently discovered lore info about each NPC's age, species, and pronouns.
  • New item alchemy recipes and recipe scrolls have appeared for items from both Silvie's Mine and Aviar Cove.
  • Aviar Cove residents will be giving out Candied Shells instead of Conecakes, as a new type of treat for helping them with their daily errands - they function similarly to Conecakes!
  • The item alchemy pool has been adjusted for a more even rarity weighting between all items.
  • Item alchemy recipes have been removed from Adventuring.
  • Small updates to the daily potato and stat tasks have been added to include the new Starry Night minigame.


We finally have an official end date for our Beta Testing phase! As all user generated data will be erased besides usernames and ID's, remember to save all everything you want to keep including user/pet profile bios, threads/posts, pet accessories, etc!

As a reminder, our Beta Bundles will retire at the end of Beta!



Be sure to stop by our Gumroad before Beta ends if you would like
to purchase one of these bundles before they permanently retire!

Purchase LinksMusical BundleMagical Bundle


Our last open registration period during beta will be this Saturday! Remember to register now if you want to secure an account before Dappervolk closes for development in the months leading up to Official Launch!


Stay tuned for our last update during beta, which is a test run of our Premium Chance Machine. Ready your turnips!


  • Villager Bonez (#15860) 12 Oct 2018, 5:35 pm
    Quick question - is the new area unavailable if you have not completed the main quest? Will it become available after completing the main quest?
  • Administrator Admin (#1) 8 Oct 2018, 7:57 pm
    Lunacity (#18863)
    Looks like you were late to register due to timezones. The next time we open will be permanently during Official Launch!

    Hinami (#6954)
    We'll announce premium shop information in another update soon!
    The turnips you acquired through gameplay in Beta will not carry over to Official Launch, they are purely for testing purposes!

    Sunlight (#19141)
    All items/bundles bought with real money come with a redemption code via email that you can re-redeem in Official Launch after everything is wiped. So save your emails! If you've lost your code email you can send in a ticket to get it resent.
  • Villager Sunlight (#19141) 8 Oct 2018, 1:47 pm
    I'm a little confused, if we are losing all of our stuff why buy the bundle? Are the bought items (with real money) going to be stored somehow and given back to those users? Aside from helping the dev, I got confused on how that's working.

    Thanks for the hard work! C:
  • Villager Hinami (#6954) 7 Oct 2018, 9:30 am
    I'd have a few questions:

    -How many turnips will a spin cost?

    -Will we be able to keep the items that we win during the beta wheel spinning in the official launch?

    -If we do not utilize our turnips on this, will we still have them post-beta?

    -What happens to the turnips won in the Trout Spring Event? Will we receive them again even if we spend them now? Will we only receive them again if we don't? Will receive them again, but the item we won with them gets taken away? Do we get to choose that?

    Some more information on the mechanism of this would be great!
  • Villager Lunacity (#18863) 6 Oct 2018, 7:27 pm
    My sister wanted to register and signup window still asks for an invite code. I thought it should be the last open registration tonight? Did it close early?
  • Villager Chimeric (#1192) 6 Oct 2018, 3:58 pm
    Ooooh! We're getting to the end! (To MauKitsu - I think they mean copy/paste your bios, profiles or forum guides into a text file so you can set them up again later, make sure that any art you made is also saved somewhere else etc. )
  • Villager Circe (#6343) 6 Oct 2018, 1:25 pm
    HURRAH, can't wait! So exciting!
  • Villager vampir (#1799) 5 Oct 2018, 7:44 pm
    Has it been stated anywhere the turnip prices for the premium chance machine?
  • Villager Katsuokai (#1308) 5 Oct 2018, 1:34 pm
    It'll be fun to explore the new town!

    I'll see if I can buy an extra bundle or two before Beta ends. ^^
  • Villager Sprinter136 (#16467) 5 Oct 2018, 9:57 am
    wait closing for MONTHS? how will I survive this??
  • Villager Zelaire (#1900) 5 Oct 2018, 9:37 am
    Aviar cove!
  • Villager Nightblade (#18360) 5 Oct 2018, 8:59 am
    ackkkkkk trying to decide whether or not to buy the kickstarter...
  • Villager Nightblade (#18360) 5 Oct 2018, 5:18 am
    EEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited for when the beta ends :O Finally we will not have the fact that all our stuff will be deleted over our heads :O
  • Villager Wendiz (#3219) 5 Oct 2018, 3:36 am
    So pumped!
  • Villager BraveEguana (#1639) 4 Oct 2018, 11:08 pm
    SUPER AWESOME!!!!! And guess who was sleeping/has to go to school now.
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