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End of Beta Details & Information

Hey testers! This will be our last news update before our end of beta "farewell" announcement. 

Just to be sure that we're all on the same page, the exact closing
date/time for the beta testing period is listed below. 


When beta comes to a close, the site will enter into a period of closed development where accounts will not be able to be logged into. During this time, all testing data generated during beta (currency, items, character choices, posts, etc.) will be reviewed and then wiped in preparation for our future official launch of the site. Because of the non-permanent nature of all testing data, please make sure that you save any information onsite that you want to keep before the site closes at the time listed above - for example, your friends list, profile coding, forum guide content, and so on!

If you bought or redeemed any reward codes during beta, these codes will become active again for redemption when the site reopens for official launch. Additionally, any carry-over prizes obtained during beta (such as the event trophy and spring bloom item) will be re-issued to all qualified accounts and should be in your inventory when you log in once the site reopens.

Additionally, once beta closes our two beta-exclusive Support Bundles being sold on Gumroad will also close. The next few days will be your last chance to grab these bundles before they retire permanently - this means that all of the exclusive items within them will never be sold again! For anyone who may be interested in making any last minute purchases, the two bundles are linked below:



Purchase LinksMusical BundleMagical Bundle

The period between the closing of beta and the opening of official launch is going to be a critical moment for our team to focus on improving and building upon Dappervolk. We have a lot of work ahead of us, including implementing user suggestions/feedback and adding entirely new features - so this downtime will give us the opportunity to concentrate our efforts on bringing you a bigger and better Dappervolk for the official launch of the site!

How long will closed development last? This is one of the most important aspects of our closed development that we're grappling with, as it will largely depend on the progress of our three largest and most complex features (Guilds, Housing, and Adventure) and any unforeseen bumps in the road that we may encounter while getting them ready for release. There are bunch of other team efforts that also need to come together to make official launch possible, so there's a lot to be coordinated and considered when trying to give you all an accurate picture of how long we'll really need to ensure that everything is ready. But rest assured, you won't be kept in the dark on this! Our end of beta "farewell" post will include more details on our current development projections and how to keep up with our progress throughout closed development. Stay tuned!



As a reminder to everyone, our custom creator contest will be ending at the same time that beta closes. The lucky user(s) that spun the most of each custom creator will be rewarded with one as a prize during official launch!

2-custom-clothing-creator.png 3-custom-pet-creator.png

Be sure to get all of your spins done before beta closes!
Winners will be announced in our final news post.

Good luck, everyone! pray.gif


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