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Autumn Premium Shop Test & Other News!

Happy Autumn, Dappervolk!
As our last order of business during beta, we are releasing our
Monthly Turnip Chance Machine for testing and feedback!


Alongside the new shop, a new mini-town called Peddler's Port has appeared. This location is where our new NPC shop will reside and will become home to various other merchants in the future - including NPCs that will be selling monthly potato items, class-specific items, and more!

Visit the World Map and select the Peddler's Port icon to visit this new location.
Additionally, it will not cost you any town hops to visit this area.
You may also return to 
the town that you originally hopped from for free!


Because this update involves adding a new town to the site, we
will need to go offline for maintenance for a short period of time
to implement the new content.


  • In the spirit of autumn, all of the test items that we're using are an autumn-y witch/warlock theme!
  • These items will be repurposed into seasonally obtainable items during official launch, so everyone will have a chance to obtain them again in the future.
  • Bonus Prizes: For every 10 spins in this shop, the shopkeeper will reward you with a free bonus item of your choice from that month's shop stock! This should help reward collectors and give players a bit of control over the unpredictable nature of the turnip chance machine.
  • When the site officially launches, the turnip chance machine's stock will renew each month, with the previous months' items permanently retiring. This type of retiring system will only apply to items that are "limited" rarity.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the balance of this new feature!


  • Dappervolk's cash-based currency is the Turnip, which is displayed next to your potato count on the top bar - not to be confused with the item called Plump Turnip.
  • Turnip currency is not transferable between users, however items obtained using Turnips can be traded and sold freely.
  • There will be 2 main ways to obtain Turnip currency on Dappervolk: Purchasing it through the site for real-world currency, and participating in in-game activities that will give out small amounts of it over time.
  • You will be able to purchase Turnips starting in Official Launch, where we estimate that 100 Turnips will cost roughly $1 CAD.
  • We also intend to launch with free ways to earn Turnips, such as through daily login bonuses, opt-in ad viewing, and NPC affection milestones!




All users who registered and verified their account during beta will receive a Prismatic Bell item during official launch, which will hatch into a Prismatic Pup! Like the Celestial Pup that alpha testers were rewarded, this pet is a beta-exclusive quaint that will be retired permanently.


All verified beta accounts will also receive an exclusive beta tester achievement to display on their forum posts! The achievement icon isn't ready for release yet, but it will be unveiled in a future announcement.

As a note: verified means that your account's email must be verified in order to qualify.

After the beta testing period ends on October 25th, 2018, Dappervolk will be going into a period of Closed Development to focus on reviewing tester feedback, updating/revamping existing features, and continuing development on new features to prepare for official launch.

In the last few days of beta, we'll be posting an important news post with more information on what our upcoming development plans are, as well as some rough estimates for official launch.

Stay tuned!


  • Villager Brunch (#6926) 19 Oct 2018, 10:16 am
    Not gonna lie, I'm really skeeved out by the idea of gambling with my money.

    I'm one of those impulsive fools who will absolutely drop two bucks for a piece of virtual clothing if I like it, but spending actual cash on a random chance mechanic? That's a dark road to go down.
  • Villager Bunti (#2338) 19 Oct 2018, 3:40 am
    Oh, and what I had also wanted to say was that the autumn items are gorgeous, I looove them, and that the prismatic pup is adorable and I can't wait to hatch it
  • Villager Bunti (#2338) 19 Oct 2018, 3:39 am
    I also think that 2$ a spin is pretty expensive , especially considering it's a gacha. I think you should reduce the cost per spin, or increase the amount of turnips you get for 1$. It'd also be nice if the free spin carried over.

    I don't think that permanently retiring monthly items are a bad thing per se, I've seen it on other sites and everyone is fine with it. After all, sites need mones to run, and they need it every month. BUT those other sites offer a lot more items for a way lower price, and without the chance aspect. Your system reminds me more of animal crossing pocket camp with the fortune cookies. That app is an example where I find the premium currency way overpriced (and thus would never buy it with irl money), and the item you get in the fortune cookie is also random, but at least their "free spin" carries over and you can accumulate them.

    That said, I think the availability of the premium items in the current system won't be quite as bad as everyone thinks, since there is still the option to get turnips ingame, and the update says that there will be more ways to get turnips in official launch. And I think using the trades market will make it possible to get all six premium items with only six spins, by just trading your extras for items you're missing.

    Anyway, my suggestion would be: if you insist on the monthly premium gacha, either make the spins a lot cheaper, or increase the amount of premium currency you get for 1$ by quite a bit.
    Some way for the items coming back at a later date would be great imo, but it would have to be made clear from the start that they will come back. Or people who spent money on them the first time will be really mad.
    Instead of relying on the gacha for main income, you could offer more bundles like the alpha and beta bundles, where the buyer knows what they will get. Make them available for three months before retiring them and introducing the next one or something. (Since the bundles are also quite expensive, and I think all the comments have established that few people can shell out 10$+ on a monthly basis)
  • Villager axolotl (#638) 18 Oct 2018, 11:48 pm
    $2 for one item is a bit much tbh. i don't think i'll use this feature a lot
  • Villager conium (#7920) 18 Oct 2018, 6:37 pm
    The issues with the premium gacha have been stated multiple times, and over a long period of time. At this point you (you= staff) need to flat out do the following, and NO LESS:

    1) go to the "Gambling Site Needs Game Designer Badly" thread. read it, ACTUALLY read it. It's not nice, but "mean" doesn't mean wrong, it means that it's not worded as politely as it should be. As time has gone on, the player base has persisted in saying said issues are a problem. It's time that staff break the radio silence and look at the criticism. Valid points are valid, even if they hurt a bit.

    2) recognize that the current set of rules makes it difficult for players to suggest change, and i believe this is done purposely to stifle constructive criticism. under the tos "11. Do not discuss Customer Support decisions or account actions" heading, these rules are general enough that they can be stretched to cover pretty much anything that Staff Doesn't LIke. I can't go into further detail because "Do not discuss thread moderation" is under that heading, and i feel that alone proves my point.

    3) accept that rotation of items should be seasonal somehow, and not permanent. recolors? fine. having the item come back at a higher cost or difficulty to get? also fine. Items that are retired and only sit in a handful of player's inventories are a fast-track to creating an internal 1%/99% divide in the game. (this isn't really news though, because people who've followed sync and a small collection of artists on Aywas saw this happen with their teo designs)

    4) accept that some shops should not be gachapon, and that the alchemy pot is not a solution to getting specific quest-needed items. There are a number of solutions from higher-priced items to being able to select and "re-roll" a number of items once per set of rolls. or even players being able to "grow" or "mine" some items.

    5) watch the extra credits series on youtube, if you haven't yet. A little bird told me that Staff wasn't familiar with the series, and that's a bit of a red flag if true. it's well known throughout indie dev circles and they cover game design in great, digestible breakdowns of specific topics. Everyone who wants to make a game should give them a look-over, and i personally suggest the following videos on mmo economy (the closest thing to genre a petsite has), monetization systems, ftp issues, designing proper lootboxes, and most importantly: Losing player trust:

    -MMO Economies - Hyperinflation, Reserve Currencies & You!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sumZLwFXJqE
    -This entire playlist about f2p: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyKYa0YJ_5BF-cMaj6gIe-7uD5rZG9ur
    -Accretion - Design by Landfill: A Longterm Strategy? (a longtime issue for petsites): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL_bCwiUKNE
    -The Loot Box Question - Designing Ethical Lootboxes 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uha5c7hJdA
    -The Legality of Loot Boxes - Designing Ethical Lootboxes 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26ZX7NbOhks
    -Losing Player Trust - The Data Dilemma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuEy0Y4xoT4
  • Villager Curious (#625) 18 Oct 2018, 5:04 pm
    Yeah I just wanna say I do not like the idea of the premium chance machine at all. Not only does it have very serious legal issues but will create a serious divide in the user base when it comes to what those items are truly worth and what they should be traded for giving players who can afford a ton of spins a serious edge. It's exploitative and potentially game breaking.I really hope you guys don't actually plan to go through with it.
  • Villager Vampire (#359) 18 Oct 2018, 3:02 pm
    Items that are up to chance AND retire permanently? I'll pass
  • Villager Amme (#5512) 17 Oct 2018, 6:12 pm
    Hey. I thought I'd put in my thoughts as someone who plays many different types of games... mobile and desktop, some completely free, some freemium, and unfortunately, some that are all but premium. I'm a pretty dedicated paying player especially if I like the game. I want to support the development, the site costs, and the artists/programmers/etc. involved in making something I enjoy so much, and I like to enable games that way so players who cannot or will not use real currency can still enjoy the game. These are creative endeavors and money is certainly an object.
    I'm not a huge opponent of some completely chance-based aspects of a game, even when it involves IRL currency. However, there are some concerns right off the bat here. It's not clear in this news post what exactly the "limited" term is referring to. Even so, these aren't slated to be special event items (which would earn more forgiveness for being so exclusive); just random items from the premium machine, retiring shortly after the site opens. Even from a purely PR perspective, it's not a good look.
    There's a better way to go about it. I'd compare it to blind boxes a la Kid Robot: All items have rarities. Their prices typically go up in proportion to rarity, even on the secondary market. You could spend $30 on 4 boxes and get 4 items you didn't want, or spend $40 and guarantee that you'll get the one you want. Thus, people willing to gamble may gamble. People willing to pay upfront will pay upfront. If you had a premium shop AND a lower-cost chance machine with rarity tiers, multiple types of players will be happy. In addition, more copies of the items will be available on the site which can potentially become owned by purely free players. The economy will remain a bit more balanced with some of the artificial scarcity removed.
    Otherwise, I agree with the suggestions of rotating items, perhaps once a year. Goatlings does this with their seasonal chance machines and frankly I think it's one of the few working gears in their site's economy.

    I'm not going to throw in the towel on DV just yet; none of these announcements are surprising to me, even if they are concerning. Loot boxes are the current trend of the gaming world- a trend that will likely prove to backfire more often than it succeeds, but a trend nonetheless.

    Best of luck, and I hope the users' suggestions are helpful.
  • Villager RentalGorgon (#6638) 17 Oct 2018, 2:21 pm
    I haven't really got anything new to say that hasn't been addressed, but I have to agree with the concerns everyone's expressing in the comments here. I really love this site, but I really don't feel comfortable with a premium system which relies on real-money gambling for permanently-retiring items.
  • Villager Split (#1601) 17 Oct 2018, 9:31 am
    look, i'm one of the few that is blessed enough in life to be a potential major (user-level) financial contributor. i already dropped $100+ on the site without having a clue how it was gonna turn out, hoping the starter issues would work themselves out/the dev team would develop some PR, management, and game design experience and improve. i wanted to love and support this place. i was ready to spend a lot to help things grow and enrich the community for free players.

    but honestly, this is the final nail in the coffin. people have been pushing and pushing and pushing against the gacha mechanics/premium gachas since march (and before, according to some alpha players), and yet here we are, chugging forward with something that's straight illegal in some countries. it's not like the team wouldn't know how this would be received. the premium gacha has been a regular point of discussion on the suggestions board. but honestly, the decision to roll this out in its current form anyway (and the inevitable dev team silence in the wake of the very warranted critique on a predatory mechanic), after six months of opportunity to grow as a game development company, makes it pretty clear to me that this isn't going to work out. my time and money will be going elsewhere.
  • Villager Jack (#2957) 16 Oct 2018, 8:07 pm
    just bought 10 spins & got 3 items(by which i mean 10 individual items, but only 3 unique items & 7 extras of those 3 items). The RNG is really bad on this site, which I've noticed in the free spin machines but it's really super frustrating when paired with both using premium currency AND having the cost per spin be SO HIGH. Even the fact you get an item of your choice for playing 10 times doesn't really soften the blow.

    $20 for 10 spins is a ridiculous amount(honestly i couldn't see myself paying $2 to flat-out buy one piece of clothing unless I REALLY LIKED IT) & if it weren't for the fact the turnips are getting erased regardless of whether i spend them or not, I def would not have played & will definitely not be spending money on turnips when the site actually launches...If you're worried about balancing the system so that it's not overly-easy to just earn free turnips through gameplay...maybe go for handing out less of them instead...?

    idk everybody's been saying the same things to y'all for A WHILE about this & it seems like you don't care so not sure why i'm bothering
  • Villager MrHyde (#1422) 16 Oct 2018, 6:16 pm
    How do we know if our email is verified?!?!
  • Villager Ban (#453) 16 Oct 2018, 1:36 pm
    Im gonna echo what other people had said:
    PLEASE look into the legal front here, especially in the EU and regarding this being a 13+ site. It will bite the site in the ass, whether legally, morally, or financially. At the very least, the cost of a spin should be reduced. 20 for one x10 spin is FAR too much.
  • Villager tehrin (#19181) 16 Oct 2018, 12:57 pm
    In regards to gambling:
    This site uses it a great deal, but I think it will be beneficial to allow the ability to purchase some items normally from shops. Allowing a chance machine is fine, but do keep in mind that you may need to limit this feature from some countries. So you may want to consider adding that to your programming. Allowing a shop to directly purchase some items you would like, perhaps at a higher price or a different set of items would be a good alternative while also bringing you some income. Having two methods to purchase items would add some variety. In addition, there will come a time where relying upon the trades market or threads to obtain an item will be an impossibility. You want to plan for now, but also the future "what if's"

    Retiring Items: I'm used to this concept and it's nothing new. But do look into the possibility of reinstating them in the future for a limited time or a higher cost in order to keep them in circulation. Your players will retire, leave, get bored, etc over time. Years down the road, these items will be inaccessible. Alternatively, you can also offer recolors of those items. I'm on some sites where the items from the first few years are entirely inaccessible unless the staff decides to intervene and re-release them.
  • Villager moonrain (#19041) 16 Oct 2018, 10:38 am
    I am aware many people have said the same thing but I feel the need to repeat so the message gets across. I live in an EU country and I understand that there is trouble with loot boxes and alike. I personally think its a bad idea to introduce gambling with real money to a site like this, it could end up with users not be able to play the game or people getting upset when they have spent ACTUAL money on it but have gotten the same item twice or not getting the item they wanted. This potentially could lead to an addiction problem...in all honesty, I think it would be best to introduce a premium store where people can pay for what they want.

    I really hope that the team take this onboard as I wouldn't want to not be able to play the game because of legal issues. A premium chance store is not a good idea. Please rectify this!
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