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Trout's Spring Festivities!

Hello, Beta testers!
Thanks to our many Kickstarter backers, a stretch goal was unlocked
that gave us the resources to debut our event system during Beta. As
such, we are happy to announce that this feature is ready for testing!

xTrrn5R.png   cxfRw6L.png

turnip.gif EVENT DETAILS turnip.gif
We are excited to finally introduce you to our first major test event, Trout's Spring Festivities - a cooperative sitewide event that will run for about 3 weeks, which features some lovely seasonal prizes, as well as a few carry-over prizes! Yes, that means that some prizes will carry over with your account to official launch, as was promised in our Kickstarter stretch goal. The event's objectives, duration, and prizes will be detailed below, so be sure to read over it before you head over to the event hub page to begin playing and testing this new feature!

turnip.gif OBJECTIVES & DURATION turnip.gif
This event requires the community to work together to earn points toward a cumulative goal. The site's progress toward this goal will be displayed through the event progress bar, indicating how close we are to reaching the event total needed to successfully complete the event. The community will have a set amount of time to reach this goal, which is shown below and on the event page itself.


If the community can successfully earn enough points before the end date, everyone will receive the prizes that they qualify for on the event page! However, if the community fails to complete the objective in the available time, players will receive consolation prizes for their participation. In the future, we would like to also have the successes or failures of these cooperative events result in different impacts on the world and lore of Dappervolk!

turnip.gif EVENT PRIZES turnip.gif
The seasonal nature of this event means that a majority of the event's rewards will only be obtainable through participation in this yearly event! The event's main rewards are distributed through a tiers system, where players must reach the indicated points threshold to qualify for the next higher prize tier. Additionally, a high score board will display your score placement amongst other players, as a special grand prize will be awarded to those within the top 25% of scores earned during the event!

Prizes include an event trophy and a new spring themed clothing set, which features a brand new class of wearable clothing that was unlocked via stretch goal by our Kickstarter backers - animated items!


This set contains one animated wearable as a rare, special reward
for those who achieve the top 25% of most points earned.

Which Prizes Carry Over to Official Launch?
All players that earn an event trophy from this event will get to keep their trophy as a thank you for helping to test run our first major event in beta! Additionally, grand prize winners that earned themselves the elusive animated item will get to keep that reward as well.



  • Villager Atiya (#3690) 11 Aug 2018, 7:14 pm
    I have to agree with Katsuokai.

    My line of thought is that given the fact DV is supposed to be taken at a casual pace, why does this event type not reflect that? Those who want to grind are already being rewarded for their efforts with the animated item, why are users who want to take things in a more casual manner punished?

    If someone does between 500-1k points a day over the course of the event, they can snag the highest tier if it ends on the 31st. It feels like a comfortable point range that also takes into account if irl events overwhelm some days (school is staring up, for example). I understand if the coding right now means once the bar is full, the event auto-closes. If events going forward will be like this, however, I don't see myself participating.
  • Villager Katsuokai (#1308) 11 Aug 2018, 6:20 pm
    OK, I must ask: If the event finishes early, and I haven't accumulated 10k points by then, I lose any and all opportunity of getting the Gold tier prizes during the Beta? Or, if I'm at least in the Elite Carry-Over tier, will I get the prizes from the Gold tier as well to enjoy during the Beta, even if I haven't reached 10k points?

    Just my 2 cents: The way this event works... is not fair, it's only fair to those that can stay online 24/7 and truly grind for points. If the event ends before the 31st, I'm not 100% sure that I, and many other players, can manage to earn those 10k points... . :/ What a shame, 'cause I liked the prizes... .
  • Villager licolico (#18061) 11 Aug 2018, 1:07 pm
    Beta players: too much mindless grinding, we're bored
    DV: Gotcha! *creates an event based solely on the exact same grinding*

  • Villager Rabbitafy (#15301) 11 Aug 2018, 10:31 am
    I've worked on a site before and I know that staff members usually don't get many bonuses, at all. So if they work their bums off they deserve just as much of a chance at a prize as anyone else.

    That being said, this whole event's layout doesn't seem worth it to me since most people wont be getting their stuff after beta.
  • Villager mazakai (#3533) 11 Aug 2018, 8:21 am
    as much as I hate RNG sometimes, I do wish there was some RNG aspect to this event -- otherwise it just feels like whoever has the most time is pretty much guaranteed the coolest item. nevertheless, still fun, and the items, as always, are super pretty!
  • Villager Pixiel (#16339) 10 Aug 2018, 11:56 pm
    I guess I'm with Rhyme on this... The items are very cute but I might just watch people play it and save my efforts for when I can actually get prizes that won't be wiped.
  • Villager Bartholomew (#11955) 10 Aug 2018, 8:07 pm
    it wasn't there before.. thank you! thats very helpful :D
  • Villager Heatwavewolf (#8486) 10 Aug 2018, 7:49 pm
    Never noticed till now but there is a counter showing how many participants there are, yay! :3
  • Villager Bartholomew (#11955) 10 Aug 2018, 7:01 pm
    i don't see any problem about dev's joining the event with current system. the more people participate - the bigger is 25% of people will be = more people will get a special item, no?
  • Villager DeviNox (#2267) 10 Aug 2018, 4:31 pm
    Uh I hope you guys don't plan on joining the site events after beta because that's both shady as all hell and unprofessional. These site events are supposed to for the players, not the developers.
  • Villager Chimeric (#1192) 10 Aug 2018, 3:04 pm
    I like that DV is experimenting with different formats for events. June Rainbows had daily caps but no competing, also you could get multiple copies of the prizes and save them as investments. This one has no dups, some of the prizes are fixed goals (Bronze/Silver/Gold) and some of them are competitive (the animated thing). Looking forward to seeing what else they do in the future.

    (BTW top 25% is 1 of every 4 people, and this repeats yearly, right? So probably a lot of people will be selling their stuff on the tradesmarket down the line.)
  • Villager Rally (#5925) 10 Aug 2018, 1:45 pm
    Anyway these seems fun, here's to hoping I can rack myself up some points! Thanks for the nice event. heart.gif
  • Villager Rally (#5925) 10 Aug 2018, 1:44 pm
    In regards to some other comments, if a staff member is within the top 25% I don't think I agree that they should have to forfeit their prize. If they're working the same as any of us I don't see why this is necessary.
  • Villager Ridara (#1532) 10 Aug 2018, 11:56 am
    Echoing Gaia. I hope the staff is excluded from the 25% count. Like, you guys know how shady it looks from the outside, right?
  • Villager Aruva (#3274) 10 Aug 2018, 11:16 am
    Too bad you only get one item if you are among 25% best? If I got it right?
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