Site owner, head administrator, and head artist of Dappervolk! She primarily deals with behind the scenes work like concepting features, managing the site's finances, and other boring administrative work. She is best to contact when you encounter payment issues or anything that a moderator would not be able to help with.


Resident angry shark guy and one of the head moderators. He never seems to sleep so he's usually around... Not very friendly, but effective at his job. He deals with user disputes, helps Quis with running events, and does all of the regular mod stuff.

Chitter (#3) MODERATOR

The other head moderator and site item artist, who also happens to be some sort of sentient egg creature. She mostly deals with keeping the forums organized and training new moderators.


We're not sure why, but everyone calls him Uncle Kiro... While he may not be your uncle, he'd be happy to answer any of your site-related questions and help you out in the forums. Kiro is also one of our new staff members!


Although they are often mistaken for a soft moss ball floating around the site, Veil is actually our second new staff member. Like our other mods, they are here to help answer your questions and assist you with any of your basic forum needs.

Lulu (#2) Coder

If you see a pink snake in a pile of garbage, it's probably Lulu. She's our back-end coder that makes sure everything on the site is working. She'll be drowning in all of your bug reports, so you should probably be nice to her...

Cy (#7) Coder

As if working on the front-end coding isn't enough of a task, Cy also helps integrate our front-end coding with our back-end coding. We're not entirely sure that magic isn't involved, but we're also not questioning it. She'll be working on your bug reports with Lulu!


The vector artist behind those cute minigames. Currycarrots is a nerdy game enthusiast and professional illustrator. She will be playing Dappervolk as a regular citizen during Alpha.


Nihhus is our new writing staff, responsible for much of the later quests during Alpha as well as the development of Dappervolk lore. She is a Writer and Griffin enthusiast on a perpetual quest for the perfect chicken nachos. Her favorite words are pedipalps, spooky, and always.